Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Happy Publication day to this Book!!!!!!

Honestly to say I adored it would not do it justice. Emily Henry has upped her game and I didnt even think that was possible!! I absolutely adored Beach Read but this one was even better!!

This book follows Nora who is an literary agent as she goes one extended holiday with her younger sister to the town in which one of her main author’s books is set. Nora is sick of the dating world and having her heartbroken so this break is exactly what she needs to get away from her desk. Her and her sister set the perfect plan for all of the small town perfect men she will meet but instead Nora bumps into Charlie, Nora’s book editing work nemesis.

My Thoughts
Emily Henry’s writing style really works for me, the way she gets the perfect combination of keeping the writing clear and easy to read whilst providing depth to both her characters and plot is so engaging and makes her books so hard to put down. For me, the writing style of this one felt so much more sophisticated and as though she has written it with so much confidence in the characters and plot that she has created and without putting words into her mouth or making assumptions i feel this could be largely down to this featuring books so heavily and therefore being Henry’s comfort zone- whatever made the writing what it was just worked so so well.

I loved that this one was full of books, i loved the references, the insight into the publishing world and the way you could tell it was authentic. As someone that follows the author on instagram i know that she herself is a book lover and I think this really came through in the references- you could tell she wasn’t just researching which books to reference or what had been popular. You could tell she was writing what she knew.

As far as main characters go, Nora and Charlie were my favourite of the MC’s across her three books so far and I think their relationship built on a level on angst and banter built up really well and the connection between them felt really real. I thought the burn was gaged perfectly in that it didn’t move to fast making it unbelievable but it didn’t go too slow leaving me wishing for more.

I also really enjoyed Nora’s relationship with her sister and felt really connected to this element to the story. As an older sister myself i know how easy it is to be protective and am definitely guilty of making decision that i think will protect my younger sister when actually maybe thats just an excuse to stay within the realms of my comfort zone. This is something I wasnt even aware i had done in the past before reading it here (basically a therapy session at this point!)

I loved that this book being so book focussed allowed the characters to almost laugh at themselves and the stereotypical elements of the whole ‘small town city girl’ trope as it took away the risk of it not then feeling real.

Overall I loved this one, I would 100 percent recommend picking it up especially if you are a ‘Book Lover’

*Thank you so much to Netgalley and Penguin for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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